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People and Groups

Hernan Pachas leads the OLPC program there. In the ministry of education: José Antonio Chang Escobedo is current minister; Oscar Becerra has been leading the project.

On the pedagogy side : Victor heads up the pedagogy and manual development; Hernan leads the tech & deployment work.

Old commentary on OLPC in Peru

whitepapers and other essays...

30,475,144 Peruvians and 580,000 + 110,000 + 290,000 = 980.000 XO's distributed since 2010, how long will it take to reach every kid in Peru / why doesn't it spill-out to a full nationwide deployment?

The statistics link learns us that the number of kids in Peru = 5-14y + 15-19y = 5,972,342 + 2,765,895 => ± 8 million that are to be equipped with an XO. Thy --SvenAERTS 23:05, 6 January 2014 (UTC)