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Cual es el olpc-constructor? para la XO-1

If you are asking "Can this be used to build images for XO-1?", yes, it can, and both OLPC and others have been using it for that purpose. No, it can't be used to replicate the XO-1 os802 8.2.1 build.


Missing dependency mtd-utils for f11-xo1


A dependency that was missing to build the f11-xo1.ini image:

Making JFFS2 image... /usr/share/olpc-os-builder/modules.d/jffs2_image/ line 29: mkfs.jffs2: command not found

  • Caught error, cleanup and then bail out.
  • Running part cleanup base
  • Running part cleanup buildnr_from_file

ERROR: Failure in ImageStage: module jffs2_image, part, error code 127