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Could you please consider renaming this page as Programming for Children as the expression "kid" when referring to a child is regarded as slang and disparaging by some people.

Well, this is an American project, not a British one. In America, kid is not slang. In any case, any open source project is inherently international and we all just have to learn to accept that many people do not use English the same way that we do.
If anything, it goes the other way in the USA. While both words may be used to belittle, "child" is more often chosen for this.

Hi, I was wondering if online programming sites could be used for teaching programming as well...

As an example, together with a group of friends, I'm the author of a site called sketchPatch, , which allows users to program in Processing without requiring any installation, just by using their web browser.

We did a couple of workshops here in the UK, where people pass along programs between themselves, modifying them following some hints given by the workshop leader. I was wondering if there could be any interest in trying this in other contexts where the OLPC is being used?

sketchPatch currently uses flash, but it should work in gnash, as we don't use particular codecs...

--davidedc 21:59, 22 September 2009 (UTC)