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PuppyLinux Discussion of Localization

Visit the Localization section of the PuppyLinux forum. The wiki page for localization is here.

The first three translations are in Vietnamese, Chinese and Portuguese.

Localisation Requirements

  • The applications (mostly window-manager here) should be able to be localised using a system like gettext.
  • The applications should support complex scripts (dependency to fontconfig/pango). If they are GTK+ 2.x applications, both requirements would be met (I am not sure about this).
  • It would be good to have the DejaVu font installed by default. DejaVu provides coverage for all languages that are based on the Latin, Cyrillic and Greek scripts. For more on fonts, see Font_Common_Room.
  • Applications should be able to switch on-the-fly between resolutions; the user is able to flip a switch and turn between colour or grayscale mode (see Hardware Requirements).