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A number of articles once existed at Social Impact. All of these are still available in the Wayback Machine but have been deleted from the Wiki.

It is not clear why the page "Social Impact" is worthy of deletion. A strong case could be made for the opposite -- that the social impact of the OLPC is a fundamental part of its success (or failure) in the developed and developing countries.

>> Please delete the links below and replace them with a category to tag all wiki pages regarding social impact. Also, please note that wiki is not a newspaper. Any pages can and will be edited by others to improve the content. Therefore, the concept of a page author is meaningless. One person may start a page, but many others will contribute to it as well.

>> When One Laptop per Child is widely adopted it will have far ranging effects on social structure and people. This is the place to discuss those effects.

>> Sorry but you are wrong. The place to discuss social impacts is on the Discussion tab of any page which explains the social impacts and issues. Pages are for explanation and education. Discussion tabs are for discussion.

>> 00:54, 29 November 2008 LFaraone (Talk | contribs) deleted "Talk:Social Impact" ‎ (content was: 'I note that this discussion page did not exist until I created it. I also notice that the comment on the main talk page was not created in the discussi...' (and the only contributor was ''))