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I contacted UPC a couple of days ago, herewith their today's reply --SvenAERTS 12:40, 28 November 2013 (UTC): " Dear member of AfricaCO2e NGO, I'm Jordi Garcia, the Professor responsible of the UPC-OLPC project. We've been working with the Polytechnic University of Bobo-Dioulasso (UPB) since 2004, and still continue with our collaboration. However, unfortunately, the OLPC project became just an attempt.

The main reason that stopped the project was basically the lack of support, either from OLPC and from other official institutions.

Our idea was to start a software developing center in Burkina Faso, with the objective to train last year Computer Science students with real programming projects, while developing new applications for a tool that may be of their interest. This is, two goals in one.

Now, we are still collaborating with the UPB, but setting up a moodle environment to support their training. We are advancing in this project but, obviously, it has no relation with the OLPC's one.

Hope this information has been useful.

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Request for Capacity building: European level

Hi I'm --SvenAERTS 14:06, 21 January 2014 (UTC) Here's how I've updated the Europe page. Anno 2014, the eu olpc communities are too small. Let's regroup at a Europe level. Let's Skype svenaerts ?