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A draft is in progress on how to better streamline this page for G1G1v2

hi this is just a suggestion, would be nice to have photos of the tools and the dimensions of the screwdriver for example..

not a bad idea. Please sign your posts :-) --Sj talk to me 19:29, 24 December 2007 (EST) (who notes we should get some of the autobots to sign and unblank contributions)
The Disassembly page doesn't have pictures of tools, but almost any "small" (#0 or #1) philips head screwdriver -- like those in jeweler's screwdriver sets -- works. Adding link to it to the article... Joemck 17:51, 7 January 2008 (EST)

moving to the Help namespace...

We discussed moving the various FAQs into the Help namespace; as well as triaged AOAQ questions. This will make it possible to search across them simply, and will clean up the article namespace. I'll do this tomorrow if there are no complaints. --Sj talk to me 19:31, 24 December 2007 (EST)

new graphical look

Here's a draft : User:Coderanger/Support Web Site

You should add the web site to the Community/Live Support section.

-- preinarz

RMA information

A link from the main support page to would be good - I suspect I'm not the only one who wasted the operators' time calling in to get an RMA, not having the required information --dragonfrog

Network Marketing

Some ideas: >Network marketing is really taking off in Africa. eg GNLD (division of Golden Products). Perhaps this method of distribution might be better than relying solely on donations/government input? >Cellphones are huge in Africa - people will buy a phone instead of shoes! Perhaps the cell companies could be approached to link the XO to a basic cell package (eg contract for v.basic phone,certain amount of airtime, and XO as rent to buy)?.. >Churches(eg Church of England in South Africa) would probably want to get involved..provide voluntary manpower and funds...