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Testing Suspensions

The "weird" units of accum_current seem to be joules*10 (or kilojoules/100; that would be consistent with the temperature units degreesC/100). Anyway, I ran /usr/bin/olpc-logbat into a spreadsheet and compared the accum_current values with a prediction based on accumulating current_avg * voltage_avg. they were pretty close, a small error that grows linearly over time. this is to be expected, i guess, since the current and voltage are 10-second averages and not the actual instantaneous numbers that accumulate into accum_current.

Other weirdness: accum_current will drop below zero before the battery dies. Also, 16 watt-hours is 57.60 kJ. My battery seems to range from about -550 to 6850. does my battery store 74.00 kJ? that's 20.55 watt-hours! well, it is new...

instead of joules, the units could be volt-coulombs. but joule = watt * second = volt * amp * second = volt * coulomb. whatever... Co149 02:45, 18 January 2008 (EST)


The dev mailing list mentioned, courtesy of Chris Ball, that as of update 1 candidate build 699, the inhibit-idle-suspend module exists to allow the user to disable idle suspend while still allowing the explicit suspends of pressing the power button or closing the lid. Or perhaps, per John W., that is sleep and not suspend.