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I have added some notes about article pages and discussion pages.

I have also added some notes about the provenance of the information in the wiki.

There is a OLPCWiki:General disclaimer page hyperlinked from the base of many pages. However, at 2006-04-10 0802 GMT that page is empty. However, what is a disclaimer? Surely people need to stand by what they write!

I happen to have a somewhat verbose writing style, though I feel that that style, though sometimes criticised, nonetheless does convey information well.

So, if the text which I added onto the Table of Contents page needs either removing or editing in some way, please feel free to remove or edit it as desired.

I have not altered the list of titles, though I wonder about the way that it is set out.

* [[One Laptop per Child]] ([[Um Laptop para cada Criança|pt]]) ([[Un portátil por niño|es]])

That displays as follows.

I wonder whether the following might be better.

* en [[One Laptop per Child]]
* es [[Un portátil por niño]]
* pt [[Um Laptop para cada Criança]]

That displays as follows.

That might be better where there are just three language versions. However, if there were, say, ten language versions of many pages the display could then perhaps become confused.

William Overington

10 April 2006

The table of contents needs a link from the left-hand frame/panel so viewers can return to that page from anywhere in the site. I am still exploring the site and will find the email/message center. This, too should have a navigation link in the left frame/panel. 15:00, 26 May 2006 (EDT)

Aburton 15:20, 12 June 2006 (EDT) : I strongly suggest a language selection option available in a splash-screen, and/or as a sidebar option. Otherwise, someone unfamiliar with the language codes may not know that they're language codes in the first place. Adding to William's comment, we're going to want >3 languages available. The proposed alternative layout is too space hungry for that. ~

Headline text

'''[[A]] - [[B]] - [[C]] - [[D]] - [[E]] - [[F]] - [[G]] - [[H]] - [[I]] -
[[J]] - [[K]] - [[L]] - [[M]] - [[N]] - [[O]] - [[P]] - [[Q]] - [[R]] - 
[[S]] - [[T]] - [[U]] - [[V]] - [[W]] - [[X]] - [[Y]] - [[Z]]

I moved this off the TOC page as it hasn't seemed to get much traction and being mostly empty, is more confusing than helpful. That said, it is a nice idea. It is somewhat served by [Pages], but it is in a more useful format. I wonder how hard it would be to write a template that generates this format? (Or does one already exist we should import?) --Walter 19:05, 17 December 2006 (EST)