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Current status

Next release: 9.1.0, March 15, 2008

These images are automatically generated from Trac. Note: This is a draft page, so these images are actually totally fake. Also, the above links to the next release and the release date should be pulled from a template.



  • done - The feature has been verified to work, or the bug has been verified to be closed. We know the status of this bug/feature and it is what we want. Nothing further needs to be done with this item. (Hooray!) Ideally, by the release date, everything will fall into this category.
  • to fix - The feature has been verified to not exist/work, or the bug has been verified to be not closed. Things in this category fall into the domain of Developers.
  • to test - These are features or bugs whose status is not known. Please help us test this (this includes writing test cases, building testing tools, and running test cases) and then put into the "done" and "to fix" categories as appropriate. This is where testers can help!
  • to triage - These are new feature requests/enhancements or reported bugs that have not yet been looked at, but are currently reported against this component/build. These should be tackled in the next Triage meeting.

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