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From an earlier wiki page:

In the first generation of XO's, the laptop's power management system would trigger a switch that would interrupt the powercables between the charging plug and the further interior of the XO when the PV panel would generate a spike voltage when the sun e.g. would come from behind the clouds. To close the switch again, you'd have to manually remove the battery for a moment and remount it. You would then hear the coils start zooming again and see the charging light come on again. This issue has been solved by e.g. by a Schottky diode or even more sophisticated PV power management technology that became standard integrated in the XO's.--SvenAERTS 11:36, 1 March 2012 (UTC)

Moved here for now, because Richard Smith writes:

This paragraph needs to be re-written. Functional wise it can bee seen as correct but the explaintion and Schottky diode solution is wrong.