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One problem with caching is its performance under total system breakdown. While local copies (on either XO or the School server) are available in case of LAN or WAN breakdown, they may not be optimal.

Perhaps you can evaluate software like gnunet, freenet and others that create networks that react to file requests dynamically. Specifically so that the method proposed in the following method commented in the page be replaced with an automated one:
"A reasonably accurate method is needed for keeping these indices mutually up to date, sending feedback back to requestors ("this material is 9GB in size; the request is unlikely to be fulfilled. please contact your network maintainer for more information."), and sending feedback to content hosts ("this file is very frequently requested. please seed a torrent network with it. <links>").". - HoboPrimate 11:12, 19 January 2008 (EST)

Notes from disc : sj and ml

thoughts on services

  • provide for client and server index/catalog updates
  • provide for store-and-forward of requests that supports short-term respones indicating how long it will be before a full response is available (for cases where a response may take weeks, for isntnace)
    consider this like an inter-library loan request over a high-latency network
  • support separate caching of work and storage/broadcasting of published work. slight priority to the latter (for a couple reasons)
  • teach the clients to deal with the above...
  • set up reagional servers where there is reliable raided disk and internet connectivity
  • set up monitoring/stats for the stability/usage/repair/updates of the above (this should be fun!)