TamTam: Sounds

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In this section you can learn more about what sounds will be included in the TamTam soundbank. The first release of TamTam will focus on instruments from these countries :

Other countries will be added as the project evolves. For the moment, we are choosing countries where the OLPC will ship first.

Ok I want to add new Nepali instruments on TamTam.Can we add new sounds to Csound directly? or there's some other way!!If anyone has idea about this please contact me. sudeep.kandel@olenepal.org[[1]] OLE Nepal


For each country, instruments from these categories will be included :

  • Strings (plucked)
  • Strings (bowed)
  • Percussion (non-melodic)
  • Percussion (melodic)
  • Woodwinds
  • Brass
  • Electric instruments
  • Other