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Name Tamil Nadu Software Professionals
Language Tamil
Location Chennai, crossing into Sri Lanka
About 120+ software professionals across different companies
Current work Started translating Ubuntu GNU/Linux into Tamil
Contact info Amachu.techie; smrpnm@yahoo.com
Inspiration http://sevabharathi.org/

உலகெங்கும் வாழும் ஆறு கோடி தமிழ் நெஞ்சங்களை மகிழ்விக்க கனா காணும் ஒரு முயற்சியின் துவக்கம்..

சமர்ப்பணம் - சென்னையை மையமாக கொண்டு இயங்கும் தகவல் தொழில் நுட்ப பொறியாளர்களின் குழுமம்..

கணினி கற்க ஆங்கில அறிவு அவசியம் என்ற அவலம் போக்க ஒரு சிறு முயற்சி..


This is just an initiative.

We are a group of Software Professionals located in Chennai, the Capital city of Tamil Nadu, India.

We have a total number of 120+ software professionals across different companies.

Visit: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/samarpanam/

Our plan is to take technology to the masses.

We have now crossed borders to reach Srilanka and has initated to start translating Ubuntu GNU/ Linux to Tamil.

Visit: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/TamilTeam

we are inspired by Sevabharathi an NGO in India.

Visit: http://sevabharathi.org/

We would like to take up this OLPC initiative to the masses of Tamil Nadu to begin with and then wish to expand it to whole of India.

Efforts are on go to Translate Ubuntu GNU/ Linux to Tamil Language.

Visit: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TamilTeam

Contact: smrpnm@yahoo.com

This may help: PuppyLinux localization just had success with Tamil. See the PuppyLinux Forum. You may find that Puppy is very much suitable for NGO work.

[IndLinux] is working on a Tamil distribution of Linux. Several Free Tamil fonts are readily available, including the Ankur fonts and Code2000. Tamil uses an INSCRIPT keyboard.

  • Coaching classes for Students on GNU/Linux started in T Nagar, Chennai. Total participants:7

We plan to first inculcate the computer knowledge in our students and once the Laptop is released officially we plan to hand it over to them.

  • Samarpanam IT group has started working with Schools and Educational Institutions in and around Chennai to take EdUbuntu, the educational version of Ubuntu to kids. Exact facts and figures will soon be given.

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