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telepathy-salut is a Telepathy Connection Manager which is used for activity sharing and presence without a server. It is used for the "children sitting under a tree" collaboration scenario, with no other network infrastructure.

It uses mDNS, link local XMPP and Clique (multicast).

Presence (including OLPC Buddy's properties) and activities are announced using Avahi. Stream and D-Bus tubes are implemented for multi users chat rooms.

See also Presence Service and Activity sharing.

Avahi usage

salut uses avahi, so you can see what is published by using avahi-browse or avahi-discover. This can be useful to check what salut sees on the network.

In the example below, we have two salut "buddies" (actually both on the same host, using multiple instances).

The buddy records are in the "iChat Presence" section. Command line equivalent: avahi-browse -t _presence._tcp


Clicking on one of the buddy records shows the buddy properties, including nick (fred) and colors:


There is a shared activity, with both buddies in it. The activity shows as _olpc-activity1._udp and you can see its properties below. Command line equivalent: avahi-browse _olpc-activity1._udp

salut also uses _clique._udp for activity presence.


Troubleshooting example

See this discussion thread,