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542-stopicon.png This page has a more up-to-date location: Property:Deployment status (should be current) or the historical OLPC status by country in 2007


This template was a decorative template displaying only the status of a given country without any inclusions in the categories or templates.

See OLPC status by country in 2007 for the meaning of the colors and which countries were in which color at the end of 2007


Generic:{{Country color status | color = color | local_text = replaceWithLocalLanguageText}}

2007 status: red
Estado actual: rojo

{{Country color status | red = red | local_text = Estado actual: '''rojo'''}}

2007 status: orange

{{Country color status | orange = orange}}

2007 status: greenredorangeyellowgray
green red orange yellow gray
Estado actual: cualquiera

{{Country color status | green = green | red = red | orange = orange | yellow = yellow | gray = gray | local_text = Estado actual: '''cualquiera'''}}