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Created from Google Translations without the translation needed

For on the fly translations

start-lang - en

This template adds a series of automatic (machine) translation links to the including page. They use Google as the engine, and takes a page in start-lang and can translate it into one of the following: See http://translate.google.com for languages.


  • The link structure contains a langpair=aa|aa (e.g., &langpair=en%7Ces) parameter and a header language parameter hl=aa (e.g., &hl=es), which controls the language for the Google Translate header labels and text.
  • See http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Template:GoogleTrans-en2 for a version that allows optional exclusion of languages. For simplification the default is to show all available. Human translators may lag primary editors.

Known Issues

  • Translated language names with spaces permit mid-name line returns that may be confusing.
  • It appears that the Firefox 3-beta browser has issues with handling this if you mix right-to-left and left-to-right languages in the same line. The symptom is jumpy switching from R-L to L-R orientations and results in poor usability. The quick workaround is to leave out Arabic for the moment and report the issue to Mozilla. Hopefully a fix of the behavior on mouseover of the span-class statement will be baked into FF3 before release and Arabic can be re-inserted.
trying L-R languages at end of table row
  • iw - Hebrew - עברית - is used by Google Translate, MediaWiki ISO-639 gives he for Hebrew (עברית); #language:iw is not working.


  1. all languages included:
    {{Google Translations}}