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[[OLPC Human Interface Guidelines/{{{p_link}}}/lang-{{{lang}}}|{{:OLPC Human Interface Guidelines/{{{p_link}}}/lang-{{{lang}}}/title}}]] [[OLPC Human Interface Guidelines/{{{c_section}}}/{{{c_page}}}/lang-{{{lang}}}|{{:OLPC Human Interface Guidelines/{{{c_section}}}/{{{c_page}}}/lang-{{{lang}}}/title}}]] [[Template talk:OLPC Human Interface Guidelines/{{{c_section}}}/{{{c_page}}}/lang-{{{lang}}}|(discussion)]] [[OLPC Human Interface Guidelines/{{{n_link}}}/lang-{{{lang}}}|{{:OLPC Human Interface Guidelines/{{{n_link}}}/lang-{{{lang}}}/title}}]]

The 'normal' Template:hig-subnav-inter assumes that all pages are sub-pages of a sub-page (chapter) of OLPC Human Interface Guidelines. In other words, the 'root' of navigation is not the guideline itself, but a chapter of it.

This modification assumes not only that, but adds two more things:

  1. Translated chapters are sub-pages of the original chapter, and labeled .../lang-xx
  2. The title of the chapters are are themselves a sub-page of the translated chapter's sub-page: .../lang-xx/title

The purpose of this is that changing the translation of a chapter's name as simple as changing the contents of the title page (ie: .../lang-xx/title) and all navigation bars and the table of contents remains consistent.

So a 'typical' structure would be:

  • OLPC Human Interface Guidelines
    • /aChapterName - the original chapter in english
      • /aSectionName - the original section in english
        • /lang-xx - the translation of the section into language 'xx'
          • /title - the translated title of a section into language 'xx'
      • /anotherSectionName - another original section in english
        • /lang-xx - the translation of another section into language 'xx'
          • /title - the translated title of another section into language 'xx'