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It has been suggested that this article or section be merged with [[Template:{{{1}}}|{{{1}}}]]. (Discuss)


This template will flag the page or page section and add the page to the Category:Articles to be merged.


You tag the article that needs to be merged into/with the Article_1 as follows

{{Merge | Article_1}}

without enclosing it in [[ ]] .

For consistency throughout this wiki please

  • Add a reason on the article's discussion page.
  • Remember that capitalization matters, i.e.,
    • Merge not merge, and
    • Article_1 not article_1

  • Place this template code at the bottom of the page that you are suggesting to be merged
    • or at the bottom of a section that you are suggesting
    (Although, it seems to be used more commonly at the top of the page or section.) It probably serves to alert the reader sooner of alternate pages when it is at the top.

Usage example:

Any Headline text

some text ...

Merge this section only? {{Merge | Article_1}}

More Headline text

some text ...

Last Headline text section

Merge this page? {{Merge | Article_1}}