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{{OBX activity |icon| |optional text }}

Used to declare the type of activity being documented. Has three (unnamed) parameters:

  1. the activity's icon (a wiki link)
  2. obsolete the activity's sub-category of Category:Activities Just leave it blank. This used to be for the obsolete notion of:
    • core — for activities such as Journal and Write that were core functionality in Ship.2 builds,
    • bundled — for activities that were bundled in Ship.2 builds, and
    • extra — other activities that users can add themselves. Since 2008 every activity besides Journal is "extra".
  3. OPTIONAL — some additional text you may want to display, after a horizontal ruler line.

Set the second parameter to "extra" or blank and nothing will show; "core" or "bundled" display as "Activity was core/bundled"




{{OBX activity |[[Image:Kuku.png]]|extra}}

{{OBX activity |[[Image:Kuku.png|21px]]|extra}}
short for Kuku Anakula – "Hungry Chicken"

{{OBX activity |[[Image:Kuku.png|42px]]|extra|short for 'Kuku Anakula' – "Hungry Chicken"}}

See also

  • Form:Activity is a form that updates semantic info in activity pages, storing it in Template:Activity page. Its information and approach needs to be merged with the OBX activity templates. See e.g. Browse, note the "edit with form" tab, and scroll down to the bottom to see the template output and factbox.