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This page is generic installation instructions activated by template transclusion, and looking at the page like this (and not in Edit) won't help you understand it. The parameters expected are:

  • model: MODEL (XO-1, XO-1.5, XO-1.75, or XO-4 case is significant)
  • filename: FILENAME (e.g. 21014o1)
  • build: BUILD (which build, e.g., 206)
  • ubifs: UBIFS (yes or no)
  • signed: SIGNED (yes or no)
  • release: RELEASE (which release version this build is intended for, e.g., 10.1.2)
  • path: PATH (the path via HTTP to the directory that contains the build file)

It differs from "Sofware Install" in that it is modified for the zd2/zd4/zd8 notation, and from "Software Install2" in that it uses one .zd file and uses the "filename" option rather than harcoded "osX" filenames.

How to install

build BUILD of release RELEASE on MODEL.

The build is installed to the internal storage device. You will need a USB drive or Secure Digital card of at least 1 GB capacity, but only for the duration of the installation. We recommend the drive be FAT formatted, but other formats are supported, see how to prepare a drive for use by the firmware for more details.


  • Prepare the USB or SD drive:
    • Download [{{{path}}}/{{{filename}}}.zd {{{filename}}}.zd], see How to Download,
    • Save the file to the top directory of the drive,
  • Prepare the laptop:
    • Make a copy of any data you wish to keep,
    • Check that the battery is inserted and locked,
    • Check that the power cord is in place and the battery indicator is green,
    • Turn off the laptop, unless it is already off,
    • Insert the USB drive into any USB port on the laptop,
  • Start installing:

Installation progress will be displayed. Green colour will fill

blocks. It will take about

minutes. Once finished,

The USB or SD drive can be used on other laptops.