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Form:Test case lets you add one or many of these to a test case.

Template:Test results should be called in the following format:

|testresult_build=a number
|testresult_passfail=Pass or Fail
|testresult_tickets=comma-separated Trac numbers

Edit the page to see the template text. It makes semantic annotations for these fields, see e.g. Property:PassFail.

Software release:: Build stream:: Build number:: PassFail:: ,|x| #x}} Comments:: Created::

This template creates the wiki markup text for a row in a table, so the page invoking it must surround it with wiki markup for table top and bottom; see e.g. TestResults 8.2.0.

Special:AddPage/Test_Results prompts you to fill in a form that will add one of these to a page, however because the template has to sit inside a table, that seems to garble the page.