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This is one of the template files for the laptop.org website.
Translators, please note that the EN version is a template file. You should edit the PO file specific to your target language rather than doing in-line edits on the EN page, e.g., PO-laptop.org-auxiliary-es for Spanish. If you would like to add a new language, please copy the EN page, using the appropriate suffix for your language. Also, please "watch" this page for changes.

The PO files are organized by sections:

Basic terms common to many pages, and pages that represent the top level of the website hierarchy: [[PO-laptop.org-top-level-{{{lang}}}]] PO-laptop.org-top-level-en-US
Individual sections: [[PO-laptop.org-vision-{{{lang}}}]] PO-laptop.org-vision-en-US
[[PO-laptop.org-laptop-{{{lang}}}]] PO-laptop.org-laptop-en-US
[[PO-laptop.org-foundation-{{{lang}}}]] PO-laptop.org-foundation-en-US
[[PO-laptop.org-children-{{{lang}}}]] PO-laptop.org-children-en-US
Auxilliary pages: [[PO-laptop.org-auxiliary-{{{lang}}}]] PO-laptop.org-auxiliary-en-US
[[PO-laptop.org-bio-{{{lang}}}]] PO-laptop.org-bio-en-US
[[PO-laptop.org-gettingstarted-{{{lang}}}]] PO-laptop.org-gettingstarted-en-US

This template (in conjunction with Template:Translations—note the plural—and the source/translations page) are used to better keep track of the Category:Translated Pages and the translating effort to lower the language barrier of the project.


{{ Translation PO-laptop
  | lang    =  <-- 2 character language-code of the translation—ie: en, es, ... -->
  | source  =  <-- Source page name—ie: "PO-laptop.org-top-level-en-US" (sans quotes) -->
  | version =  <-- Version ID# of the edition being translated or last updated -->
the version parameter is the number displayed in the source page in the [ID# xxxxx] of the blue language-navigation bar. Keeping this number updated to the LAST version you 'translated' or 'updated' will ease updating the page when following the diff link in your page, as it will show those changes in the original from your last update.


This template will automatically include the page in the following Special:Categories:


see Category:Laptop.org for samples