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Here we develop a Template Metrics, Feedback and Evaluation-page you can just open up and quickly integrate to your documents, to

  1. increase your chances of being evaluated as professional and reliable to grant providing entities and obtain a grant for the olpc xo-xs deployment you have in mind,
  2. contributing to your chances for obtaining follow-up grants to your project
  3. whilst at the same time contributing to improve the olpc initiative as a whole: with feedback, the open community knows much better what to program, what to improve, what to add, etc. and will deliver quicker, be able to correct quicker, work with facts and requests from the field rather than assumptions and going forward into some dark hole ...

Activity: Metrics, Feedback and Evaluation, filling out the document (with the teacher and the kids, using their XO)

A great strategy to get your local focus group interested in your olpc xo-xs deployment is to demonstrate other people, from totally other places in the world, do care about them and are interested in them. Why don't you show them the questions and they help you finding the answers? Looks like a great activity and way to demonstrate what the xo-xs can do:

  1. open a document made by someone else or imagine connect to an online version of it
  2. fill out THEIR answers
  3. and then send them back using email, or maybe it's already there because you filled it out online and others at a completely different part of the globe are already looking at it whilst it's being filled out