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The 100 XO/one server test will require the following equipment.

  • 100 XO laptops
  • Tables or racks - Preferably 5, but more may be needed if we cannot fit 20 XOs per table.
  • Power Strips - With the new chargers, we can fit one charger per socket. This means, assuming a 6-socket power strip, we will probably want 20 power strips (a few extra in case we need to plug power strips into each other).
  • USB sticks - we may need to install images directly from a USB stick. If we do, we would want another 5 at least (preferably 10).

Hopefully, we'll have one rack/table in each of 5 rooms, so that one person per room can supervise. The XOs should be named accoring to the rack that they will be on (ex. A01, A02, A03..A20, B01, B02...).


100 Laptops on the school mesh

Justification: self


  1. One school server running Mesh Point Portal
  2. 100 Laptops in 5 sets of 20 in close proximity (representing a small school)


  1. Upgrade the first XO to desired code release
  2. Boot up the first XO.
  3. Using the browser go to olpc content page (doesn't exist yet)
  4. Download the connect activity
  5. Bring each successive XO online with the same procedure


  1. From the school server, ensure that each laptop as it comes on line shows up in the iptables (?)
  2. Ensure that the first XO can connect to the school server mesh
  3. Ensure that the connect activity can be downloaded
  4. As each new XO comes on line, the neighborhood mesh view shows the new XO and doesn't lose any of the old ones

Upgrade XOs from the School Server

Backup XO to the School Server

Restore XO frm the School Server

Download a Book

Justification: self


  1. Set each XO to the url for downloading a fairly large book file
  2. With 5 people, start downloading the book to all 100 laptops (each person presses enter on 20 laptops. The book file needs to be large enough that it takes much longer to download then the time it takes to hit enter on 20 laptops


  • All 100 laptops can eventually get the book and open it. Time how long it takes


Justification: self


  1. Within each group of 20 laptops, start up multiple chat sessions


  • Ensure that all active chats can occur without interruption.