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Stream ,|x|Build stream::x}}
Category Test category::Activity Sub-category Test subcategory::Calculate
Component System component::Calculate
Feature System feature::http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Calculate
Objective Test objective::Test the calculate activity basic functionalities
Tools Test tools::n/a
Setup Test setup::n/a
Procedure [[Test procedure::1. Open the XO machine.

2. Run the Calculate Activity on XO machine.

3. Test invalid inputs for the four arithmetic operations.

4. Test valid inputs for the four arithmetic operations.]]

Expected Results
and Pass Criteria
[[Pass criteria::1. When testing the invalid inputs, it is expected that tests will fail by returning some error message telling the user what went wrong.

2. When testing the valid inputs, it is expected that tests will pass by returning the right value.]]

Comments [[More notes::The following is the case sequence to test the four arithmetic operations(addition, subtract, multiply, division ):
input1(pos, neg, 0, invalid(a-z)), input2(pos, neg, 0, invalid(a-z)) ,operations(+,-,*,/)

We build 12 test cases using pairwise method and 2 test cases using Myer's method.]]

Release Stream Build Pass/Fail Trac Ticket(s) Comment(s) Date of Test
Software release::Candidate Build stream::8.2 Build number::2 PassFail::Pass ,|x| #x}} [[Comments::TestInvalidInputs:

When we test by inputting the invalid variables, we expect that the calculation should not work. For example, when input1 is a, and input2 is 1, then the calculation should not work out for a + 1.

The invalid inputs values are from a to z.]]


Software release::Candidate Build stream::8.2 Build number::12 PassFail::Pass ,|x| #x}} [[Comments::TestValidInputs:

The valid inputs values are numbers, and truth values(true and false). However, we just tested numbers as the inputs for the test cases. We do need more tests to verity truth values for the four arithmetic operations.]]