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Stream ,|x|Build stream::x}}
Category Test category::Activity Sub-category Test subcategory::Chat
Component System component::Chat
Feature [[System feature::Chat]]
Objective Test objective::Verify that users can start and participate in a private (invite-only) chat.
Tools Test tools::No test tools required.
Setup Test setup::At least two laptops running the same version of Chat, preferably the most recent.
Procedure [[Test procedure::1. On one XO, start up the Chat activity.

2. Switch to the Neighborhood view.
3. Find the other XO(s) being used for the test in the Neighborhood view and invite them to the chat by hovering the mouse cursor over their XO symbol and selecting the option with the appropriately-colored Chat icon.
4. On the other XO(s), a Chat icon with the colors of the first XO should appear in the frame.

  • In pre-8.2.0 builds, this icon will appear in the activity tray on the bottom of the screen in the home view or on the frame.
  • In joyride, 8.2.0 and beyond, this icon will flash once or twice in the top-left corner and then will stay in the top part of the frame in the list of active activities until the invitation is declined or the activity is stopped.

5. Select the "join" option or click on the icon to join the chat.
6. Chat.
7. Have one of the joining XOs leave the chat, then reinvite them from the host XO.
8. Join the chat again.
9. Leave the chat again on one of the XOs that joined the chat, then reinvite them from the host XO.
10. Have the other XOs (if any, including the host) leave the chat activity before the reinvited XO rejoins the chat.

Expected Results
and Pass Criteria
[[Pass criteria::1. On the Neighborhood view, there should be no Chat icon representing the host visible anywhere.

2. XOs can join the activity and chat reliably.
3. If an XO declines an invite or leaves the chat, they can still be reinvited back to the chat.
4. If the chat ends before an invited XO joins, the invitation should disappear.]]

Comments More notes::None.
Release Stream Build Pass/Fail Trac Ticket(s) Comment(s) Date of Test
Software release::Candidate Build stream::joyride Build number::2311 PassFail::Pass ,|x| #x}} Comments::No unexpected behavior. Created::