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Test case: Short name::Public Collaboration in Write
How to report results

Stream ,|x|Build stream::x}}
Category Test category::Activity Sub-category Test subcategory::Write
Component System component::Write
Feature System feature::http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Write#Collaboration
Objective Test objective::Verify that several users can collaborate publicly with Write.
Tools Test tools::None.
Setup Test setup::Several XOs running the same version of Write.
Procedure [[Test procedure::
  1. Have laptops connected to the same school server or sharing the same channel over the mesh network.
  2. In one of the laptops, start the Write activity.
  3. While in the Write's window, click on the button "Activity" and choose "My neighborhood" in the "Share with" options window.
  4. Click on the "Text" button and type something.
  5. In the laptop that will share Write, go to the "Group" and see whether the Write's icon appears on the screen.
  6. Hover over the "Write Activity's icon and click on "join".
  7. The "Write" window should appear, showing the text transferred from the initiating machine.
  8. Type some text and check out whether it appears in the Write's window of the initiating machine.
  9. Repeat the steps 5 - 8 in other machines.]]
Expected Results
and Pass Criteria
Pass criteria::After the sharing of Write has been established, typing of text in any of the machine should have the same text appear in the Write's window of all other machines.
Comments More notes::
Release Stream Build Pass/Fail Trac Ticket(s) Comment(s) Date of Test
Software release::Candidate Build stream::8.2 Build number::757 PassFail::Fail ,|x| #x}} [[Comments::After of ~ 2 hours of running Chat, Record and Write on 10 laptops over the mesh network, Write (and only Write!) crashed (disappeared) in several machines (while Chat and Record were still running); one of the machines performed the Sugar's reset.

The same happened after 5+ hours of running Write (in combination with Chat and Browse) in the school server network (almost all the machines were affected).

Also, in another running of the same test in the mesh network, Sugar suddenly restarted synchronously in several machines who joined Write before. It has happened when the other laptop joined sharing of Write.]]


Software release::Candidate Build stream::8.2 Build number::763 PassFail::Pass ,|x| #x}} [[Comments::shared write with 3 laptops on simple mesh... added text and pictures. After about 2 hours of continuous testing -- tamtam jam, shared chat and many other things, one of the write instances crashed. I went to the neighborhood view and clicked on the shared write icon and it started right up again where it left off.]] Created::