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Connectivity scenario 1: Connectivity with or without a server

Three students, Joe, Uma, and Ann, are working on a project together. They start the project at their 'large' school with 3 radio channels and internet connectivity. Their work is saved and shared via the Journal, and get together later at home to continue working. They don't have internet connectivity or access to the server from home, but they can modify the document and images.


  1. First setup a school server with three active antennas and ensure that each XO connects via a different radio. This can be ensured by checking in Sugar that each XO is on a separate channel, and clicking on a different mesh channel if multiple are using the same mesh channel.
  2. Run Abiword on Uma's XO; run Paint on Joe and Ann's. Create documents and images.
  3. From the group mesh view, ensure that Joe and Uma are 'friends' and show up in each other's group mesh, but Ann is only viewable in the neighborhood mesh.
  4. Ensure that this group project is shared among all three students (how does this happen?)


  1. Turn off School server and radios or move all three XOs far enough away from them that they cannot connect to a server or AP.
  2. Each student should open the document or one of the images and make some changes.
  3. Each student should then open one of the other images or the document and make changes.
  4. Reconnect with the school server.


  • Make sure that all three XOs CAN see each other in their neighborhood mesh view.
  • Ensure that all students, after making changes to documents, see the same latest versions (how does this happen? Do the kids have to tell each other what they are working on so they don't step on each other's work?)
  • Ensure that, after reconnecting with the school server, the latest versions in each journal are backed up.

Connectivity scenario 2: Mesh hopping

The school server's wireless connection does not reach to all classrooms in and around the school. Andres is outside the range for a direct connection, but there are two students, Carlos and Ben situated between Andres and the server. He opens his XO to work on a project that includes downloading images from the internet.

Thoughts: Ensure connectivity through a standby XO to a server; also ensure it will work with 2 hops, one standby and one active XO...


  1. Ensure the school server has connectivity and Carlos' XO can download a specific image from Google (preferably something that takes at >5 seconds to load).
  2. Ensure that Ben's XO does not have connectivity to the school server, but it can see Carlos' XO.
  3. Ensure that Andres' XO is only able to connect directly to Ben's XO. (need to describe in detail how to ensure that Carlos and Ben are far enough away from the server and from each other such that Carlos requires two mesh hops to get to the school server.


  1. Open Andres' XO and make sure he can see Ben and Carlos.
  2. Download the same image from Google from each XOs, one at a time.
  3. Note the download speed at each XO.


  • Ensure that Andres' XO can see Ben and Carlos.
  • Ensure that Andres, Ben and Carlos can all get to the internet from their location.
  • That the download speed is reasonable.

Connectivity scenario 3: 100 XOs / One server

On a particularly well-attended day of school, Sophie is the 100th student to open her laptop and get connected to the server. She is doing research on the internet. A short time later, the teacher requests that all students download todays lesson, a large document or book.

100 Laptop TestPlan

Setup and Supplies

Connectivity scenario 4: Mesh overlap

There are two schools close enough together that Kyle, a student who lives between the schools can show up in both meshes and provide connectivity between the schools.


  1. Set up two school servers, each with 2 radios and uplink to internet.
  2. Ensure that they are far enough away that they don't show up in each other's mesh view
  3. Set up 2 XOs close to server1, so they show up in that mesh, and 2 that are close to server2.
  4. The XOs on server1 are sharing an Abiword document; one is editing it, the other is just browsing the web.
  5. The XOs on server2 are using the chat on Etoys.


  1. Kyle's XO goes close to server1 and shows up in that mesh. He sets up a friendship invitation with the other XOs here.
  2. Move Kyle's XO to the midpoint between server1 and server2.
  3. An XO on server2 start a chat with an XO on server1.
  4. After about 10 minutes of this testing, Kyle moves closer to server2 and the connection with server1 is broken.


  • That, after moving Kyle's XO to the midpoint between server1 and server 2, his XO now shows up in the mesh for both servers.
  • Ensure that the XOs on server1 are not interrupted in the Abiword doc or browsing the web; and the XOs on server2 are not interrupted in their chat on Etoys.
  • Ensure that, after the connection with server1 is broken, activities continue to work properly (except the chat between an XO on server2 and an XO on server1, which should be broken).