Tests/Keyboard mappings

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Terminal Characters

When typing in the terminal activity, the characters on the display should match those on the keyboard.

(This should not only work for the Terminal activity, but also for the virtual terminal, which is lower priority.) --Chihyu 01:51, 11 January 2008 (EST))

(A bug was found with Terminal in 703 builds where it was not showing proper fonts, so a second check is to try characters in the search field of neighborhood view) Kimquirk 02:05, 2 July 2008 (UTC)


  • Use an MP laptop with security disabled.
  • Set mfg-data according to the SKU/Country found here: mfg-data.
  • Do a cleaninstall of the build so it will boot up the first time in the desired language.
  • Check /etc/sysconfig/keyboard after booting to ensure the mfg-data was read properly.
  • For reference use the OLPC_Keyboard_layouts for the specific language you are testing


  1. While providing a nickname and colors, ensure the correct language is shown
  2. Once booted, open the Terminal Activity
  3. Click in the Terminal window, so that you can start typing there
  4. Type each character (lower-case and upper-case in both English and the language of the laptop)
  5. For keyboards with 2 modes, use the keyboard switching key (farthest key on the right of the 2nd row from the bottom)
  6. Also type each Alt-GR character


  • If you have the correct keyboard for the language you are testing, then each character on the keyboard should the character that appears on the screen.
  • If you don't have the correct keyboard, use the reference keyboard from OLPC_Keyboard_layouts as the guide.

Write Font

The default font for Write should be set such that the correct character set is displayed.


  1. open the write activity
  2. type a few lines


  • the default font of the write activity is the language of the laptop

Control Panel

Ensure that the control panel shows all the icons.