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Test case: Short name::IPAddressVisible
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Stream ,|x|Build stream::x}}
Category Test category::SugarUI Sub-category Test subcategory::Frame/Devices/Wireless
Component System component::Frame/Devices/Wireless
Feature [[System feature::Designs#09]]
Objective Test objective::Verify the eth0 device's IP address is visible in the wireless connection's Frame icon
Tools Test tools::XO wireless AP
Setup Test setup::Connect to wireless AP
Procedure [[Test procedure::Reveal the Frame.

Hover over the wireless connection's icon. Note the IP address. Confirm the IP address is actually the IP address of eth0 (for example, by inspecting the output of typing 'ifconfig eth0' and pressing return in the Terminal activity).]]

Expected Results
and Pass Criteria
Pass criteria::The correct IP address is displayed.
Comments [[More notes::This test case tests a very minor feature.

The trac bug most closely related to this feature is (Trac #{{{1}}})

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