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The Frame: The left, top, and right sides of the frame represents nouns: persons, places, and things. The bottom of the frame represents those elements that require action: activities, invitations, and notifications.

The frame is the graphic border that pops up around the edge of Sugar when you move the pointer to the edge of the screen.

It can also be made to appear by pressing the "frame" key in the top right hand corner of the OLPC keyboard.

Preventing the pointer from making the frame appear

Some people have expressed irritation with the frame appearing whenever the pointer is moved to the edge of the screen.

If you are comfortable with using the Terminal and a text editor, such as Nano, you can disable it, by opening this file:

nano /usr/share/sugar/shell/view/frame/

And placing a hash # symbol in front of these two lines (lines 56 and 57):

invisible.connect('enter-notify-event', self._enter_notify_cb)
invisible.connect('leave-notify-event', self._leave_notify_cb)

The # mark makes the line a 'comment' which means it is not executed when the file is run. This is the preferred method of tweaking system files because it is easily undone (by deleting the hash marks). The frame can still be activated using the frame button on the upper right of the keyboard.


This tip was found by User:Phil_Bordelon

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