Things to test after updates

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Things which might be broken by an upgrade:

In ship.2 builds and later

  • upgrade a number of times (from existing 650 systems) and see what, if anything, breaks......
  • spanish-language system: still spanish after update?
  • check the date and time. timezone correct?
  • Does X still start?
  • Is the library front page still present? Do the links work?
  • install adobe flash according to the instructions on our wiki. Does Browse still work?
  • install your own activities, both from the library and from, and make sure they still appear and work after the upgrade.
  • does /home/olpc/.i18n contain LANG="<language_specified_by_mfg_data>"?
  • does /etc/sysconfig/keyboard contain XKB_LAYOUT="<keyboard_specified_by_mfg_data>"?

Once security is turned on

  • Persistent data belonging to activities
  • Maybe Michael can fill in more details?