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This command is run in the standard Linux environment via the Terminal Activity. The GUI will probably not integrate comfortably with the XO Laptop's Sugar environment. Your user experience may vary considerably depending on the established environment and the other programs running on the laptop, may need re-installation after an OS Update. See the Linux software category for other commands.



Alternative file manager for linux.


$ sudo yum install thunar

 Package                 Arch       Version          Repository        Size 
 Thunar                  i386       0.9.0-2.fc7      olpc_koji-update1  5.7 M
Installing for dependencies:
 Terminal                i386       0.2.8-2.fc7      olpc_koji-update1  1.6 M
 exo                     i386       0.3.4-1.fc7      olpc_koji-update1  730 k
 libexif                 i386       0.6.15-3.fc7     olpc_koji-update1  231 k
 libnotify               i386       0.4.4-2.fc7      olpc_koji-update1   39 k
 libxfce4mcs             i386       4.4.2-1.fc7      olpc_koji-update1   53 k
 libxfce4util            i386       4.4.2-1.fc7      olpc_koji-update1   79 k
 libxfcegui4             i386       4.4.2-1.fc7      olpc_koji-update1  245 k
 mousepad                i386       0.2.13-1.fc7     olpc_koji-update1  105 k
 notification-daemon     i386       0.3.7-2.fc7      olpc_koji-update1   55 k
 perl-URI                noarch     1.35-3           olpc_koji-update1  116 k
 xfce-mcs-manager        i386       4.4.2-1.fc7      olpc_koji-update1  354 k
 xfce4-icon-theme        noarch     4.4.2-1.fc7      olpc_koji-update1  2.0 M
 xfce4-panel             i386       4.4.2-1.fc7      olpc_koji-update1  494 k

Transaction Summary
Total download size: 12 M
  • Package size 5.8 MB
  • Dependencies(16): +16.4MB


$ thunar