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Your XO laptop is a very flexible and interesting full-fledged computer. Its power is largely hidden behind a very young graphical interface (Sugar), but behind the scenes it runs the Fedora GNU/Linux operating system. Thousands of programs written for GNU and Linux systems will run on it, and many of them can be installed by pretty simple commands.

Plan Ceibal

Installing other activities

Activities lists software written specifically for the XO. See Activity installation to install them.

Installing more content

Collections lists additional content that you can install into your XO's Content Library.jeu path=/home/olpc/activites/java.activity/jre\bin:$ path

Installing developer builds and other operating systems

The first thing to do if you're interested in testing the absolute latest OS images is request a developer key. The key will let you install versions of the system software in development, and different operating systems altogether, including ones created by the community of XO developers and owners. For example, there are several Linux distributions that run on the XO.

Installing Linux software

You can install all kinds of Linux software written for Fedora GNU/Linux using the yum command-line tool. When you run it, you must be the root user. And because it is memory hungry, we suggest that you run it when nothing else is running on your XO.

Fedora software comes in packages called RPM's. If you find an RPM package of some program you want to try, you can use the sudo rpm --install 'thepackage.rpm' command. Many RPM packages can be found on the Internet at locations like http://www.gnu.org/software, http://rpmfind.net or http://sourceforge.net. Not every RPM will be for an XO (many other computers also use RPM), but the rpm command will immediately reject most that don't work here.