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This page explains the various processes for upgrading the XO. There are a number of reasons a user might want to upgrade or reinstall the XO's software:

General Users:
New Version You want to update to the latest stable release, either for new features or bug fixes.
Broken You want to repair broken software by reinstalling.
Testing You want to assist with testing the latest unsigned release.
Development You want to assist with developing on the latest unsigned release.

Methods of Updating

Basic Updating


The fastest and safest way to upgrade your XO is by using the command OLPC-update. This will only download the differences between your current version and the version you specify, and preserves all of your files (journal) and activities. If decide you want to go back to your original build, you can do so by rebooting while holding the "O" gamepad-button.

For this method you need:
  • to be connected to the internet
  • to know the version number you want to install

Updating with a USB Key

If your current install is broken, or you do not have access to an internet connection on your XO you will need to use a USB key to reinstall. WARNING: This method will delete your data. This method requires that you download a signed build, have access to a USB key, and have access to a second computer on which you can make the download.

Advanced Updating