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suggestions for next version

  • use kde or at least loose the eye candy (stop the rounded corner fluff!)
  • use double clicks
  • loose the convertible form factor - have a separable keyboard that can protect the screen or clip to back. that hinge is annoying and looks expensive and likely to damage the laptop
  • use an existing space saver mass market full sized usb keyboard (without a number pad.) and just have a screen cover flap. - or make a slot for the screen to rest in the base on the same type keyboard.
  • have the usb slot on a nub, so the usb key is parallel with the edge of the rest of the laptop, so it is protected, maybe even have the usb ports be on the end of a wire so that the inside of the pc won't get dusty, and so that ears are not needed, and have a little nook or bay for the usb drive so it doesn't get hurt or lost.
  • loose the webcam, make it be an accessory that plugs into one of those bays so it can swivel by the cable.
      • Yes STUDENTS loose things, however they can live without a web cam if it's detachable, and a cord attached keyboard could be replaced easily, and could accomodate other student uses. They cost as little as $1 used. I now fully agree that the membrane keyboard is a good design decision, but I believe it should be cord attached, and use a string hinge to keep it attached. (easily field repairable, and light)