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Graphing / programable Calculator (similar to TI89 82/84 capability) -- Actually, There are emulators but they might have legal exuberance's --

Multiple users for an OLPC -- in reality it won't be OLPC, -- good goal. but there will be kids scrambling over them.

Timer / alarm clock /calendar/ distributed time sharing application/ stop dinking with computer go get exercise -- I know that the kids I have lent it to had a hard time sharing.

debug/step through for pippy (view and set variables / set break points) (This was available or Borland C 5 on a pentium 200 with less memory than the OLPC... )

should be quick fix, (std in if chars match give it to std out then pipe the dev through the program) fix mouse orientation to match screen orientation

Actually Use the right mouse button (I know it's a design goal not to use it, but that is completely goofy)

Cut EyeCandy

animated help -- with text -- words (maybe stick figures or

Rosetta Stone like language application. (very data intensive to have it on CD, but a lot should fit on a 4GB SD card (this program isn't free of course)

Atari 800 like basic with line numbers and goto -- a book like the "kids and the atari" The problem is that one would need two laptops, or actually printed material

Pippy panels switchable to help, or reference instead of list of programs.

Like it or not Activities need to be treated as files - activity files -- Journal is way too cluttered, need a file viewer.

I haven't gotten shared applications to actually work yet --