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Some Notes

I've one MP G1G1 machine here with a dev key that I'm using on my open home wireless 802.11b/g network. No school server and no other XOs available yet so I can only test so much.

Before pulling 702 I probably had 696 and joyride-something in my boot slots on it. Pulled update-1.702 with OLPC_Update before I left for work Sun night. When I got back it had rebooted into 702 and had a very short list of Activities. Very short. I used GMail to Browse to wiki here. I clicked on the circle for my home wireless (open) and it synched up. I rebooted and went to bed. And got up, same Activities, and went to dinner and put a movie on ... uptime is past 5 hours now.

I used this to get my Activities installed after installing 702 before going across the street for food substitute. Booted back into Sugar after using key and have Activities, yay :D. Uptime is 1 hour plus since I used the key, then.

1 hour tests, no smoke yet

  • Startup:
    • Boots like a dev keyed unit does, check.
    • Boot into Sugar, check.
    • Journal Loads, check.
    • Automatically associated with my network, check.
  • Activities in sequence, closing each after:
    • Measure:
      • Whistling makes waveform display, check.
      • Microphone light is on, check.
    • TamTamJam:
      • 9,0,/ : cacophony issues forth in stereo, cat is mildly alarmed, check.
    • Record
      • Picture: Took picture of cat, changed name, tagged as cat, photo.
        • In Journal with title, tags, preview, check.
      • Audio: ~30 sec recording of music playing from laptop, ibid. Transfer is of course horrid, audio cable should help ;)
        • In Journal with preview image (huh) tags and title, check.
      • Video: 10+ second video of stationary cat, ibid.
        • In Journal with preview image, tags and title, check.
    • Paint
      • Doodled a bit in a few colors, used the shape tool, filled it.
      • Imported picture of cat, resized it. Resize controls/processing was balky, but it did process every click eventually
      • text tool very limited (font and size are immutable) but functions
      • 'Keep', Quit, renamed in Journal, resumes from Journal okay.
  • Image Transfer and Invite (limited with one XO):
  • Activity Bundle
  • Library (content) Bundle