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My home country's cultural heritage: The Parthenon

Welcome to my user page. My name is Andriani Ferti - legal intern at OLPC and lover of rhythm and melody, also known as music.

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Contact Info
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IRC Nick: aferti

Email: aferti at laptop dot org

Areas of interest

Content licensing

Given OLPC's commitment to make available to children educational resources and knowledge as an essential tool, in order to their personal evolution and achievement, I am interested in ensuring that children will be able to get these resources without restrictions posed by legal and regulatory impediments, but that simultaneously the authors of the contributed works will be able to enjoy the proper attribution to their creations.

More information can be found here.


OLPC made my dream come true. I finally found the way to combine most efficiently my two passions - law and music.

For that reason, we are trying to build a strong community on music-related projects, which are going to bring children closer to their musical heritage and also improve their music skills, make them more creative and bring about their artistic nature. If you share our commitment to music, please join us here.