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IRC Nick: ahw
#olpc-imsa, #olpc, #sugar
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I am:

April-Hope Wareham. I an alumna, class of 2008, of the Illionis Math and and Science Academy. I am currently employed at IMSA in the Information and Technology Services department, under Scott Swanson. I have been interested in OLPC since I was introduced to it in 2007, and I am one of the leaders of IMSA's OLPC chapter. I also now own a G1G1!


  • Emulation on Windows XPP using Qemu
  • IMSA OLPC Affiliate
I am a founding chairperson of the IMSA OLPC affiliate, started in September 2007. We are currently looking for other Northern Illinois or even Great Lakes region OLPC chapters to work with us.
  • Intersession
Between first and second semester, a group of about 14 of us started working on various projects. See IMSA's Chapter Page for more information and updates. I am, in particular, involved with the Measure and the scientific method group and the IMSA Service Model Research Project group.
  • I am currently working on brainstorming, etc. and I am one of the contact people for Off-Grid Power Draft. IMSA will probably be doing some experimenting with this project.
  • I recently got the opportunity to work with OLPC Health and I hope to have more to say about it soon!

Contact Information

If you'd like to contact me:

  • Email: ahw (at) imsa (dot) edu
  • Jabber: ahw (at) imsa (dot) edu
  • AIM: sfmsfm34
  • IRC: ahw
  • Gtalk: ahwareham