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Hi Anne,

I am not sure if I am doing this correctly. Please forgive me if this is inappropriate. What I am trying to do is prepare two XO laptops that I received over the G1G1 program for the kids of some friends of mine who live in Oaxaca, Mexico. They will not have internet access from home, so I would like to put as much information (guides, wikipedia, etc) in Spanish as I can get on an SD so they will be able to get useful information without having internet access. I downloaded your very useful .doc file, but lots of the information is in URLs which they will not be able to get. I am wondering if there is an html bundle of the available documentation in Spanish which they could access from a flash card with a file:/// type URL?

I will be going to Oaxaca in the middle of April to take them their laptops. Any information you could provide in the way of documentation which I can put on SD for their laptops would be very helpful.

Thanks for all the work you have already done in this regard! I hope to improve my Spanish enough to be able to help some in the future.

Cheers, Duane