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Tall-badge-white-green.png Born Unknown
(B4) Build 960+

IRC Nick: atphalix
#olpc #olpc-help
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help@ This user volunteers in OLPC Support.

Basic Stuff

  • Name: Ahmed Mansour
  • Country: Morocco
  • Email: atphalix [at] inbox [dot] com
  • IRC: atphalix @ on #olpc-help, #sugar
  • Current OS's: Debian Lenny on machine, and Fedora with Sugar on my XO.

Community Involvement

  • I am the founder of the OLPC Morocco Team.
  • I volunteer in the Support_gang by trying to answer people questions.
  • Involved in Arabic and Amazigh (Berber) localization of Sugar.
  • Promoting the XOs in Moroccan Free Software events.
  • OLPC Morocco blog .


Working on making 3D educational games on the XO.