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Hi, I'm Bill Coderre. I was at the MIT Media Lab around 1988. Now I work at Apple. When I heard about OLPC, I felt the call to help, especially since I knew a few of the core people of the OLPC project. I have G1G1 from 2007. The thing I love the most is the pictures of kids using them! The pictures from Tibet just filled me with joy! I am most intrigued by EToys. I want to make more hours in the day so I can write some fun games in EToys.

My biggest gripe with the OLPC is the keyboard. Once in a while, I'll force myself to use it for 15-20 minutes. Maybe if I do this a few more times I'll be able to live with it. (Yes, I know I can plug in any USB keyboard.) I used to have a LOT of trouble with the trackpad, but I think it got better. Thanks! I also put strips of masking tape to outline the "active area" and that helped.

I was a bit disappointed in the software when it came out, but I understand the OLPC strategy of spending all their software efforts working on support for the deployment countries. That makes perfect sense to me. Anyone that's working on power management, THANK YOU EXTRA MUCH!

At this time (09/2008) I have figured out how to download the latest 8.2 builds and I intend to figure out how to provide feedback/bug reports.

If you wish to reach me, feel free to email the user name above