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Sabine Hengeveld-Auer

Started the Dutch OLPC grassroots together with Bastiaan Bakker in fall 2007, but am inactive since end of March 2008 for at least a couple of months, due to the upcoming birth of my second child. If you write to "contact at olpc-nl dot org", certainly someone can help you further with questions regarding OLPC NL.

I'll have to see where the changes in vision and mission will lead the OLPC project as a whole, since crucial points for my initial engagement in the project seem to be subject to radical changes. I support the project as one of a new and outstanding vision for a concept combining open source, open knowledge/content, open community/world, open learning, providing so far unkown chances to children around the world. I support the so far developed hardware as being the best suitable for the target-group of young children, especially in developing countries. I do not support a project as a volunteer, that is not community driven but a mere bulldozer owned by an industry to push into new markets and using the community image merely as a marketing gag. I hope I'm wrong with this scenario, but I'll see where OLPC is heading at when I find time again besides my extended family to get engaged into fascinating volunteer projects.

I wish all the best to all the people engaged in the OLPC NL grassroots community and a lot of success for the OLPC projects that they've developed.

bine at olpc-nl dot org

bineha on IRC