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Bob is a teacher at Dillard High School in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He teaches what the department of education insists is "Multimedia" but he secretly calls Information Architecture. His students like the idea of subversive learning, albeit constructionist, constructivist and, even meaningful. Shameless plug here: Go Moodle!

Broward County has the largest fully accredited school district in the U.S. although it is around the fifth or sixth largest student-wise with nearly 300,000 (264,000 in 2006-2007) students.

Dillard High School has a few less than 2500 students on average. If you want to find out about the demographics, go to the website and look around. You can think of it as a little third world country nestled among the palm trees of balmy South Florida.

Bob always goes to the AAAS annual meeting to stay sane although he doesn't understand much, the drone is comforting. In 2007, he met some nice people from Maine. There were five of them from one school district. Bob was the only high school teacher from the Broward County District and only his boss knew where he was going. (Shhhh . . . don't tell.) What is it about Maine? Is it because Maine doesn't have Disney World, or is it their belief in the goals of science? In 2008 the Science and Society SIG ( Go section X! ) got Negroponte to do an evening section on how the project was doing. It brought the entire assembled community of science nerds to their feet.

Abandoning third person and continuing, research on one to one computing programs and why they fail so often is interesting to the extent that reports of failure do not focus on how student learning was managed.