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About My XOs

I have several XOs destined for a school in the South Bronx where my daughter teaches kindergarten as a Teach for America corps member. I haven't placed the computers there yet, because in my opinion there weren't enough activities suitable for her class in the software as shipped in G1G1. Lots of progress since, of course, and greater stability and performance in the recent builds, so I look forward eagerly to Update.1. I am getting a school server ready for my daughter's class so that the xo's can access other educational resources via their browser that haven't been ported or are too heavy-weight for the XO. I will be traveling to New York (I live in California) in early March to install the school server, commercial wireless access point and XOs in her classroom and spend a week helping the kids get to know how to use them. They will be a "Learning Center".

Because her students are at (or slightly below) the youngest end of the OLPC target audience, I am interested in expanding the activities available for the youngest children. I am especially focussed on literacy.

I added a Literacy section to Educational_activity_ideas and created these two pages on the wiki (please add to them):



I will be adding a page describing the final status of my version of the school server, as well as adaptations to give access to certain commercial educational content not yet supplanted by OLPC features and administrative aspects I have added to make the ensemble be maintainable in a remote classroom as I reach my deployment visit.

About Me

I was a Day 1 donor, so I received my XOs before Christmas. Here is my XOmas Cheer! (Red XO is not in the picture because it is the photographer!)


My family were "founding learners" at California's first charter school, whose vision included constructivist learning. I volunteered in the classroom, helping with science, math and technology, for several years while my children attended that school.

In my day job I am a software engineer at [MSB Associates], which I founded in 1992 with two other like-minded associates.

Merry XOmas to all!

Carol Lerche