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Nepal Nepal has been one of the earliest pilot and deployment sites. It has needed to develop its deployment plans, school server architecture, and strategies of interfacing with government. The gropu split to its own local group, OLE Nepal, in July, 2007. All of these became the templates for later works and deployments.

News and Rumors

Additional Information Sources

Deployments and Trials

OLE Nepal in Bashuki and Bishwamitra schools

OLPC launched at Bashuki and Bishwamitra schools on April 25th, 2008. Open Learning Exchange Nepal (OLE Nepal) distributed a total of 135 OLPC laptops to grade 2 and 6 students from two schools in the outskirts of Kathmandu Valley. These were addition to the 22 laptops that were handed out to teachers from the schools during the teacher preparation program held a month ago. The laptop project was undertaken in partnership with Nepal government’s Department of Education (DoE). This project is part of OLE Nepal’s mission to increase quality of education while reducing current disparity in access and quality between school types, regions, and population groups by integrating ICT-based education in daily teaching-learning process. The laptops for the project were donated by the Danish IT Society in Copenhagen.

These pilots focus on integrating laptops into the Nepali educational system. The laptops and relevant software have been integrated into the Nepali curriculum and teaching process for grades two and six, subjects Mathematics and English.

Other Deployment Resources

=== Additional Tec


OLE Nepal

OLE Nepal is a local Nepali NGO that has a memorandum of understanding with Nepal's Department of Education to implement Nepal's pilots at Bashuki and Bishwamitra. For more information visit their wiki page or [website].

Nepal Government

Nepal Government has three-tier committees to implement OLPC in Nepal under Ministry of Education.

  • Steering Committee -- Secretary of Ministry of Education chairs this
  • Coordination Committee -- Director of Department of Education chairs this
  • Task Force -- Deputy Director of Department of Education chairs this


  • Technical

Other Activities


These three links above are preserved to show the history but they are dated now and do not show actual deployment design. Gregorio 10:32, 17 March 2008 (EDT)