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Dear developers and testing volunteers,

We are initiating a large-scaled testing on Update.1 release
candidates for the next two weeks, and we need your help!

As of 1/30/2008, the latest Update.1 build is 690. Build 690 is
unsigned, so you will need a developer key (or an unsecured machine)
to help testing.
In the long run, we constantly have to test the latest
software/firmware builds, as well as individual activities, so your
help will always be greatly appreciated!

(1) What can I do to help?

For developers, please create test cases for the activities you
developed, following the format of existing test cases: (click on the articles
starting with "Tests/")
You can also help revise the existing test cases, so that it's easier
to test the core issues and to report the results.

For testing volunteers, please test the cases listed in,
or choose some test plans from,
and then post the results in
(you might have to scroll to the bottom to locate the table entries)

(2) Do I need an XO?

If you have an XO, please read
and download the latest build.

If you don't have an XO, please follow the instructions to run a
virtual XO on your regular computer:

(3) Communication Channels

Please take advantage of the IRC channel ( #olpc-qa) and
the mailing list (testing at if you have any questions,
concerns, or suggestions about QA testing. If you have not signed up
to the mailing list, please do!

We also plan to have testing meetings whenever necessary. Past meeting
minutes are posted at

(4) There are too many URLs. I'm lost!

Check out the "links of interest" at
Our major focus for the next two weeks:
For all the existing test plans, check out

Thanks in advance for your support!