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Name: Philip Macpherson

Location: Manilla, New South Wales, Australia

Interests: Astronomy, books, ancient history, linux, and computers in general


Email: philipmac1 <<at>>

Interesting Link

Here's a audio interview that I've found quite interesting. It doesn't have to do with OLPC but it does mention a lot of the same things about education and technology. Link

Speex encoded audiobooks

Here's the links to the Librivox audiobooks I've converted to speex so far. Please leave a comment or email me if theres a book which you recommend I convert from here or elsewhere. There's a selection of speex encoded books already here, though they were done with an earlier version of the encoder. If anyone is interested the files here are 16000 Hz, Mono encoded at quality 1 vbr with speexenc version 1.2 beta. I'm not currently uploading individual files at the moment as I'm trying to make content bundles instead.


Ranald Bannerman’s Boyhood 24.9MB's; 7 hours, 5 minutes

The Princess and the Goblin 18.4MB's; 5 hours, 32 minutes

Dot and the Kangaroo 12.7MB's; 3 hours, 34 minutes

Treasure island 25.7MB's; 7 hours, 29 minutes

Black Beauty: The Autobiography of a Horse 22.3MB's; 6 hours, 15 minutes

Tom Swift and the Visitor from Planet X 15.4MB's; 4 hours, 18 minutes

A princess of mars 26.8MB's; 7 hours, 10 minutes

The Gods of Mars 28.7MB's; 7 hours, 42 minutes

Great big treasury of Beatrix Potter 12MB's; 3 hours, 32 minutes

The Day Boy and the Night Girl 5.8MB's; 1 hours, 38 minutes

The Princess and Curdie 20.3MB's; 6 hours, 1 minute

From the Earth to the Moon 15.9MB's; 4 hours, 39 minutes

Round the Moon: A Sequel to From the Earth to the Moon 21.5MB's; 6 hours, 3 minutes

At the back of the north wind 31.3MB's; 8 hours, 57 minutes

Around the World in Eighty Days 29.4MB's; 8 hours, 48 minutes

Rilla of Ingleside 30.7MB's; 8 hours, 38 minutes


Las Fábulas de Esopo, vol. 01 2.3MB's; 41 minutes

Las Fábulas de Esopo, vol. 02 2.7MB's; 49 minutes, 17 seconds

Las Fábulas de Esopo, vol. 03 1.9MB's; 34 minutes, 16 seconds

Las Fábulas de Esopo, volúmen 4 2.2MB's; 37 minutes, 19 seconds

Not uploaded yet


Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea 58.2MB's; 16 hours, 30 minutes

Anne of Green Gables 37.7MB's; 10 hours, 30 minutes

Anne of the Island 28MB's; 7 hours, 51 minutes

Anne of Avonlea 31.3MB's; 8 hours, 49 minutes

Moby Dick, or the Whale 91.6MB's; 25 hours

The Junior Classics (vol 1) 48MB's; 13 hours, 45 minutes

On list to convert

Robinson Crusoe Written Anew for Children ?MB's; 3 hours, 41 minutes

Robinson Crusoe in Words of One Syllable ?MB's; 2 hours, 59 minutes

The Wind in the Willows ?MB's; 6 hours, 47 minutes

Seven Little Australians ?MB's; 4 hours, 11 minutes

The Prince and the Pauper ?MB's; 6 hours, 55 minutes

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

The Tale of Timothy Turtle ?MB's; 1 hour, 27 minutes

The Iliad for Boys and Girls ?MB's; 4 hours, 23 minutes

Peter Pan

Rewards and Fairies ?MB's; 7 hours, 50 minutes

Rudyard Kipling (Jungle book etc)

Tom Swift and His Aerial Warship, or, the Naval Terror of the Seas ?MB's; 4 hours, 19 minutes

The Lilac Fairy Book ?MB's; 9 hours, 47 minutes

Anne’s House of Dreams ?MB's; 8 hours, 8 minutes

Tarzan of the Apes ?MB's; 9 hours, 20 minutes

Tom Swift in the Land of Wonders ?MB's; 4 hours, 9 minutes

Speex encoded audio books at Project Gutenberg of particular interest

Aesop's Fables

Andersen, Hans Christian

Baum, L. Frank (Lyman Frank)

Brooke, L. Leslie

Burnett, Frances Hodgson

Carroll, Lewis

Church, Alfred J., Rev

Collodi, Carlo

Defoe, Daniel

Denslow, William Wallace

Dickens, Charles

Doyle, Arthur Conan, Sir

Grahame, Kenneth

Grimm, Gebrüder

London, Jack

Montgomery, L. M. (Lucy Maud)

Twain, Mark

Verne, Jules

Wells, H. G. (Herbert George)

Ragged Dick